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Document Properly


One of the most challenging tasks is to create a proper and correct patient documentation according to the DSD Picture Protocol. An inaccurate case documentation will increase the planning time because the mistakes are taken into the smile design and the lab procedures. Corrections are time-consuming and expensive.

Our Solution:

We developed the DSDApp Automatic Capture: hold the iPad in front of your patient. As soon as the DSDApp recognizes the best position for the smile design, the #DSDApp is talking the picture automatically.

Motivate Easily


Creating a beautiful smile simulation is time-consuming. The challenging part is to motivate your patient easily in a couple of minutes.

Our Solution:

the innovative #DSDApp you will be able to create a beautiful project and enchant your patient. One Appointment and your patient becomes your FAN:

  • present a beautiful simulated smile in a couple of minutes
  • share with your patient an emotional presentation
  • keep her / his enthusiasm high!

Collaborate Efficiently


Often times, files, pictures, STL files, and x-ray negatives are saved in different locations and much time is spent on organizing case files for the team or lab.

Our Solution:

Using the #DSDApp, you have complete case management accessibility. Organize your case files, add new files at any time (updated pictures, CBCT, etc), sort files by date, name, or file format, and store cases in your secured cloud for instant access – no longer worry about hard disk damage, running backups, or limited storage in your Dropbox.

When ready, share your case files with your lab or with the DSDApp Planning Center for guaranteed DSD quality. Place your order to the DSD Planning Center right in the app and stay informed of order receipt, manufacturing, and complete order status.

DSDApp Academy

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Dr Christian Coachman:

“After a decade of hard work to develop a pragmatic, efficient and artistic system for Facial Analysis, Esthetic Diagnosis and Smile Design in accordance with the most modern concepts of natural esthetics, I’m proud to present this new, simple to use but powerful tool, based on the latest mobile and cloud technologies- #DSDApp – that will allow dentists, technicians, specialists, plastic surgeons and staff members to create beautiful smiles, to communicate, to present attractive projects and enchant their patients!”

  • Christian Coachman
    Dr. Christian Coachman

    Founder & Smile Design Visionary

  • tatjana georg
    Tatjana Georg

    Business Manager

  • Ralph Georg
    Ralph Georg

    CEO & co founder

  • Lindiane Rigo

    DSDApp Academy Director

  • Marcela Cardona

    DSDApp Instructor

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