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We want you to succeed.

We bring you to the top! Get ready for the future of Digital Dentistry.

We help you to become a PRO, to implement the DSDApp into your daily work and to benefit fully from the complete potential and options the DSDApp is offering, to increase your income, to differentiate yourself and to transform your patients to you BIGGEST FANS!

DSDApp Day

 One-Day or Two-Days full of Hands-Ons with the DSDApp. After attending the DSDApp Workshop you’ll become a Pro in taking perfect pictures and designing beautiful smile simulations. The very next business day after attending the DSDApp Workshop you will be able to integrate the DSDApp fully in your workflow and benefit from all advantages of Digital Workflows and the DSDApp.

DSDApp Focus Wednesday

Every Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST we are hosting a Live Training with a Q&A session. This is your 30-minutes to focus, to learn new Tips & Tricks using DSDApp, to get updates about the latest options and to get insides about the planned features and how you can benefit from them. Block these 30-minutes in your calendar or watch previous replays on DSDApp’s YouTube Channel!

DSDApp Training for your Team

How often do you experience wanting to implement a new workflow into your practice, but after introducing it to your team, nothing happens… We Help! We offer a personal 1-Day DSDApp Training for your complete team, right in your office! After this 1-Day Training, your Team will be ready to integrate the DSDApp fully into their daily routine, to serve your patients. 

DSDApp Exclusive Masterclasses

To speed up your learning curve, we are offering an exclusive Masterclass. Our Masterclass includes 6 modules, showing you step-by-step all features and options in DSDApp, including even the settings of your iPhone, Dropbox-connections and much more to optimize your workflow with the DSDApp. Upgrade your account now and get a personal access to this exclusive Masterclass.

DSDApp Implementation Course

DSDApp Implementation Course starts every month and consists of weekly LIVE webinars and objectives to help you implement the DSDApp into your practice. Learn a step at a time with a new topic focus each week (Patient Photos, Smile Design, etc.) The DSDApp Implementation Course is free but enrollment is required.

Facebook Support Group

Exclusive members are personally invited to join DSDApp’s private Facebook group. In this group, members are able to share cases, expertise and support. Members must be a Gold Plan subscriber for admittance. If you are a Gold Plan subscriber, click here and click ‘Join’ on the Facebook Group page.

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Dr. Georgina Carabarin, Mexico

 “I have sold a treatment for every case I have done with the DSDApp. My case acceptance is now 100%!”

Dr. Brian O'Neill, USA

DSDApp is intuitively designed and the workflow guides you through the process, very easily, very effectively.” 

Dr. Kyle Stanley, USA

“The DSDApp allows me to do a smile design in 5 minutes, show the patient, super easy!”

Dr. Felipe Miguel, Brazil

“It is very easy to plan a case because the DSDApp is very intuitive.”

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