The collaboration on a patient case between a dentist and lab was never easier, as with the new DSDApp version 1.6.

DSDApp v.1.6

DSDApp release 1.6 comes with over 180 improvements a new game-changing feature: Case sharing and collaboration.

Now you can create a complete case documentation and share your case instantly with your lab! Give your technician or varying specialists instant access to the case. Work together on a patient case without geographic boundaries, language boundaries or even time boundaries. 

New Improvements:

STL Calibration

Set pivot points in the middle of your STL and calibrate easily

Improved Picture Size Management

Upload different size pictures and DSDApp will resize the picture automatically to the recommended dimensions.

Improved File Management

Never lose important patient pictures. You can now save patient documentation as a new case.

and more

New Feature

Case Sharing & Instant Collaboration

Instant case access gives you more freedom to collaborate with specialists all over the world. Work on projects together with colleagues or have your lab technician make direct edits to the case. 

Learn more about these new improvements and features in our webinar.


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