Save Costs by Improving Efficiency in Collaboration With Your Lab

How does it affect your margin if you have to send the end-results back to your lab? Get predictable results for each case.

Efficiently collaborate with your lab:

Document your case in structured manner

Share instant access to cases with your lab or team
Get predictable results and reduce your costs

How DSDApp will support you:

Complete precise treatment planning (DSDProtocol) for your lab

With DSDApp, you can optimize the communication and assure the best quality & results from your lab. DSDApp guides you to capture the technical details (12 o’clock picture, STL file, etc) in a structured manner. This will eliminate room for any errors when manufacturing.

Collaborate with specialists on a case by sharing instant access.

With DSDApp, you can instantly share case access to your team, lab, or even other specialists from around the world! Work collaboratively on projects or simply send your case details directly to your lab as a pdf file. DSDApp’s case format and inclusion of important files and accurate measurements, supports precise end-results on every case.

Stay organized with DSDApp’s Case Management

Use DSDApp for your complete case documentation. Organize your case pictures and files, add new pictures and files at any time (updated pictures, CBCT, etc), sort files by date, name, or file format. Store the complete case documentation in our secured cloud for instant access. Share the case pictures/files with your team/lab directly in the DSDApp.

Here’s what others are saying:

Dr. Luis Fernando de Mello Sant'Ana

“DSDApp is an amazing tool that improves my communication skills with the patient and the lab.”

Dr. Mateus Voigt

“In about 5 to 10 minutes you can do the full DSD Protocol and share it with you lab technician and your team…the app is just great’