dsdpp 1 year


T H E   M I S S I O N

In many areas has technology impacted our everyday lives: how we communicate, how we make payments and even ordering transportation.

But what about Dentistry? Is your workflow still the same as 10-20 years ago? 

Do you visualize the expected treatment results for your patients to discuss their options and the esthetic outcome? Or do you promise results and have to handle disappointed patients after the treatment is completed?

Do you plan the treatment, practicing Guided Dentistry, using preparation guides, surgical guides, and planning every step and outcome? Or are you relying on visual judgment with hopes your technician can fix it?

We launched DSDApp a year ago with a mission to streamline not just Smile Simulation, but the overall workflow of practicing dentists. To accelerate the way you work, to bring stronger digitalization in Dentistry, to achieve predictable treatment-results with 3D Projects and planning, and even deliver high-end manufacturing right to you.

With DSDApp, you can easily visualize the expected treatment-outcome with a natural-looking smile design, in minutes. You can add STL files, X-Rays, CBCT files to your case documentation and send it with just one-click to the DSD Planning Center to prepare a 3D Project, guides and Final Planning for you. Print the 3D Project with your local lab or let the DSDLab deliver the high-end quality products for you. 


T H E   J O U R N E Y

Over the course of a year, DSDApp is proud to celebrate these developmental milestones:

Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool: Before/After Slider

Simple Smile Design

Stay Organized with Structured Case File Management

Structured Case Management

Visualize expected treatment results with Simple Smile Simulation

Start treatment planning with Precise Smile Design based on the STL

3D smile design

Plan your treatment – Send your Case to DSD Planning Center to create 3D Project and Guides 

dsdapp planning center order

Enchant your patients with Natural-Restorations!

natural restorations

And it doesn’t stop here…

Hear what is coming next to DSDApp!

DSDApp’s 1-Year Celebration via Facebook LIVE

Monday, July 16 at 12:00 pm EST/ 13:00 BRT / 18:00 CET

LIVE with hosts Dr. Christian Coachman and Ralph Georg!

Join us for this Facebook Live event:

Getting Started with DSDApp

Step 1

Create your account and verify the account via the activation email.

Step 2

Download DSDApp to your device: iPad or iPhone, from the app store.

Step 3

Enjoy DSDA”s free features or upgrade your account for full functionality.