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3D Face Scan - What is it? Why use it during the Smile Design procedure?

3D Face Scanning has recently been introduced to Dentistry. 3D Facial Scan captures lifelike representations of the patient’s face in 3D in 15 seconds.
Now, you can scan a patient’s full head in 3D using the DSDApp on your iPhoneX or iPad Pro!

This exciting integration of 3D Facial Scan

into the Smile Design procedure in the DSDApp adds a new level of innovation! It allows us to execute the next level of the facial-driven smile design.

We all know, that it may be challenging to take perfect pictures of your patients for the smile design, to get the right angulation and head position. With the integrated 3D Facial Scan you can capture the 3D representation of your patients in as little as 15 seconds with your iPhone or iPad. You don’t need any additional equipment. The Facial Scan eliminates these problems of wrong picture angles as you can move it in 3D perspective.

The 3D Facial Scan allows you to capture a tremendous amount of the facial details and gives you the opportunity to conduct facial and smile analysis from infinite angles

The 3D facial scan

helps you visualize your patient’s lip position in three dimensions and consequently improving the smile design and understanding the new design from different perspectives.

With the DSDApp you have the opportunity to create the 3D smile design and visualize the new smile within the facial scan. It is simple and easy to incorporate 3D facial scanning and 3D Smile design into your office environment. Receive excitement and approval from your patients when proposing treatment options by presenting a simulation of the expected esthetic outcome.

Wow your patients with this irresistible visualization, with the impressive technology and most importantly, earn his/her trust! 


René Daher, DDS; DCD; Stefano Ardu, Dr. med. dent., Prof. Dr. Osela Vjero, DDS; and Ivo Krejci, Prof. Dr. med. dent. summarized in their research, that using 3D facial scan for smile designs allows presentations of the smile design in all possible views. With this technology, you are able to involve patients in the design process and show the patients a simulation of different treatment possibilities which can increase acceptance rates and help to avoid post-treatment disapproval.

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