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Emotional Case Presentation

What is an Emotional Case Presentation?

An Emotional Case Presentation is a visual demonstration of the expected treatment outcome. It helps eliminate any uncertainty and fear. If you recall, prior to creating the mock-up, you took before pictures and videos of your patient. Now that the mock-up is done, you will take after videos and pictures. We will use these before and after pictures and videos to create the emotional case presentation.

What is the benefit of creating an emotional case presentation?

It is well known and widely researched that Emotions influence our decisions. Upon playing your patient’s presentation, you will help generate an emotional connection. Not only between your patient and their treatment, but with your patient and you as their dentist. This moment is very powerful as patients will be able to see their new smile for the first time.

The presentation will show the expected treatment outcome and help to eliminate any uncertainty and fear. The before/after presentation should put your patient in a positive mood. There are numerous studies that prove when we are in a positive mood, we are more likely to make positive decisions or at least try to think about the positive side of the particular topic. Positive moods signal a safe environment and lead to more heuristic information processing.

This means NOW is the RIGHT time to present the treatment plan explaining the necessary treatment steps to achieve the final treatment goals. Within the treatment plan presentation, you can include the technical aspects of the treatment and explain exactly how you will execute the final results as promised. Patients will appreciate your dedication and attention to detail which will improve your professional relationship.

How to create a case presentation using the DSD App?

With the DSDApp you can easily create an outstanding case presentation in just a few minutes.
Within the app, there is an option to create a customized slide show presentation. You can add different videos and pictures in the slideshow presentation and screens from different projects in the app ( e.g. Smile Simulation view or 3D smile design). You can also add some filters, transitional effects between the slides and the music to your presentation. It will take you a few minutes only to complete this personalized presentation for your patients. This can all be done with the DSDApp on your iPad or your iPhone.


The case presentation serves as a tool to show your patients the dramatic change their new smile can make. It will also create an emotional connection between your patient and their treatment ultimately wowing your patients leading to increasing the case acceptance and differentiating yourself and your practice. The DSDApp is a great tool to create beautiful, artistic, emotional presentations all in one place.

We would love to know if you create case presentations for your patients. What has been your experience with the visual presentations? Have you tried creating emotional case presentations in the DSDApp? Leave your comment below.

Credits// Patient cases and Images: Dr. Eduardo de la Torre, DSDApp 3D Workshop

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