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Motivational Mock-Up

What is a Motivational Mock-Up?

A motivational Mock-up is the first time your patient will see and feel their new smile. This moment is very powerful as it will set the tone for the future treatment and will motivate and excite them about the new smile. At this moment they are “test driving” their smile before treatment actually starts, just like you do when you test drive your car before buying it.

What are the benefits of doing a Motivational Mock-Up?

There are two main reasons why the mock-up is essential for our treatment workflow.

First, the mock-up is meant to inspire in patients an emotional connection with their treatment and ultimately with you as their dentist. Aside from increasing case acceptance, it will help create a relationship based on trust and respect. 

The second reason why the mock-up is crucial is due to our treatment planning purposes. With the mock-up, we are able to evaluate esthetics and function according to our plan.

Remember that we, as dentists, are architects to patient smiles which means that we plan, create blueprints and mockups that will serve as the reference for the treatment that will follow.

How do we perform the mock-up using the DSDApp?

The DSDApp allows you to plan and design your digital wax-ups in 3D and subsequently export that digital wax up to transfer the smile design in your patient’s mouth. Once you export the STL file from the digital wax you can print it in your office with a 3D printer or you can send it to your local lab to be printed if you do not have a printer. There are many ways to integrate the digital workflows into your practice the important part is to understand what works for you and your team. 

After you printed the 3D model, you will need to create the silicon matrix that will be used to transfer the design in your patient’s mouth. Inside the silicone key, you will inject bisacryl material and then place that inside of your patient’s mouth. Let it cure for a couple of minutes before removing the silicone key. This is the moment we have all been waiting for, especially your patient. But wait! Don’t hand your patient a mirror just yet. First, create the” After-video” and “After-pictures” to present the mock-up to your patients to draw them in.

Finally, this motivational mockup will be presented to your patient with an emotional presentation which we will be talking about on next weeks newsletter. This is a so-called “Motivational Moment”!

What happens after the patient accepts your treatment proposal? 

How can you deliver your patients’ finale treatment result as it was digitally designed? This is where the 3D project in the DSDApp is the key to your success. With the DSDApp, you are able to share your 3D Smile Design with your lab, so that your technician can easily access all case files, STLs, and your design data. The technician can export Model STL and proceed with your design in any CAD/CAM software to verify function and start manufacturing. We will be going into depth about this technical design and process in our future newsletters.


Mock-Up as a Smile Test-Drive is the basis for patients emotional decision making, where it brings the abstract and intangible treatment proposal into the reality. The patient is able to see and feel their new smile.

In addition, Mock-Up serves as a blueprint for the Final restorations and provides your technician everything they need to manufacture Final-Restorations as you designed, but most importantly, as the patient was promised. This can only be achieved using digital technology and digital workflows.

We would love to know if you have tried doing Mock-Ups in your practice for your patients. What has been your experience with the Mock-Ups so far? Please leave your comment below.


Credits// Patient cases and Images: Dr. Luken de Arbeloa, Dr. Ricardo Brito, DSD Planning Center



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