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Natural Restorations With DSD Smile Donator

Restorative dentistry is losing its connection with natural beauty. We’re so used to designing teeth with our hands, that we have started to believe that what we do is more beautiful than what nature does.

The majority of smiles that we deliver are not copying nature, so the problem is that the patients are starting to appreciate more artificial smiles. It’s time to reset and learn from nature again.

The best way to reconnect is through technology and digital workflows, from intra-oral scanning, designing in software, milling and 3D printing we can learn how to copy nature again and deliver beautiful natural smiles.

Smile Donator As A Replica Of A Beautiful Natural Smile

The Digital Smile Donator involves replicating a beautiful natural smile by transferring a donor’s smile to the receiving patient’s mouth. For instance, the patient can get the smile of a celebrity, a family member, or even from themselves when they were young.

Digital Technology allows for the Smile Donator files to be imported into the library of the 3D Smile Design Software. The natural shapes of the donator are used over the model of the patient to design the new smile. The smile design is adjusted to the patient’s face. As a result, this concept allows the patients to receive the smile they want, whether it’s from a celebrity or a family member.

How Was The Concept Born?

The Smile Donator concept is nothing new, the best dentists and technicians have been aiming to copy the natural beauty of smiles for decades in order to offer their patients the most natural looking restorations with natural shades and teeth texture.

In the Analog Age, every smile project had uncertain outcomes because they depended strongly on the ceramist’s skills and experience.

The Digital Smile Donator concept was inspired by the initial idea of Dr. Paulo Kano of scanning natural teeth to design CAD/CAM restorations, instead of using handmade shapes or computer suggested shapes.

The DSD team with Dr. Christian Coachman has developed the complete digital workflow to replicate Donator’s Smiles.

How Important Is This Concept To The Dental World?

The concept of fully digital restorations, integrated with the facial-driven smile design, using natural shapes is important because it is revolutionizing the dental restorative world.

This digital workflow using natural restorations increases the predictability and repeatability of smile designs. Also, by using the copy-paste technology, you can achieve exceptional, natural looking esthetic results. This workflow allows more dentists to deliver great results to their patients.

Can Any Doctor Perform The Digital Smile Donator Project?

Not only is it simple and easy to start applying the smile donator concepts to your patients, but also the DSDApp has a library of smile donators that can be used to create the 2D and 3D smile designs. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to smile design and giving the patients what they desire.

The integration of the Smile Donator library and workflow into the DSDApp brings the Natural Restoration to the next level. The DSDApp makes it simple, predictable and cost-efficient for dentists to replicate natural smiles.

What Are The Main Advantages?

The DSDApp, with the integrated Smile Donator Concept, makes Restorative Treatments more efficient and predictable for us and our patients. Imagine being able to deliver the exact mock up, provisionals, and restorations to your patients. It is all possible with the use of the smile donator concept paired with the complete digital workflows. 

The 3D files generated from DSDApp can be further used as a blueprint in any CAD software to mill or 3D print the final restoration by your local lab. 

The DSD Planning Center offers planning and manufacturing of high-quality Natural Restorations. By ordering these services, dentists are able to offer the natural-restorations to their patients – beautiful, predictable and cost-efficient.

Credits// Patient cases and Images: Dr. Bartosz Cerkaski with DSD Akademia, Poland and DSD Natural Restoration team (Angelo Raphael, Carla de Castro)

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