The Chair Side Mockup unique, quick & innovative

Intelligent Documentation and Patient Digitalization


One of the most challenging tasks is to create a proper and correct patient documentation keeping all files in one project – and have access easily. Pictures, CBCTs, Intra Oral Scans, XRays, Facial Scans, Patients Video Interviews are usually saved all over the place.

Our Solution:

Create Patients Documentations using the DSDApp structured screens. Pictures,  STLs, Facial Scans, Xrays. The intelligent DSDApp system – assigns your files to the different projects that you will start using the app. Smile Simulation – you just select the option “Smile Simulation” and start designing the new smile for your patient. If you start a new DSDApp 3D case – the app assigns all files automatically to the project, so that you can focus on panning. Sending the case to the DSD Planning Center – or sharing the case with your team will automatically send all files to anyone involved in the case. 

3D Smile Design & Chair Side Mockup


Patients love a blueprint of their new smile. Its gonna be the new smile, that will accompany them forever. They love the visualization of the aesthetic treatment before starting the long journey of treatment. 

Creating a mockup is time consuming and requires a second appointment with the patient. The patients have usually no involvement in the smile design process. 

Our Solution:

With the innovative and unique #DSDApp 3D technology you will be able to create beautiful smile design projects and enchant your patient. One Appointment and your patient becomes your FAN:

  • create a 3D Smile involving your patient in the design chair side 
  • print the mockup in your office at the same appointment 
  • create the positive mockup experience of a beautiful smile project and blueprint 

Natural Smiles - DSD Smile Donators


Computer generated 3D templates cannot replicate the beauty of natural smiles. The structure, the flow of lines, the natural “imperfections” are missing, creating artificial looking smiles. 

Our Solution:

DSD developed on of the most interesting workflows replicating natural smiles. Your patient deserves the best of technology and results! The DSDApp technology makes it simple to replicate a natural smile, with all the little natural imperfections, to plan and design. The DSD Natural Restauration protocol, will finish your planing, creating the most natural looking new smile possible. The confident, natural smile, will change your patient forever – giving him or her confidence, happiness, and sometimes a new beginning. Be the one who makes it possible!

Show your patient the impact of a natural smile - and replicate it!

With over 21 libraries of Smile Donators you will:

  • find the most amazing smile for your patient, that reflects her or his personality
  • customize the smile easily
  • create a life changing smile

DSDApp File Export - Workflows

1. Design

2. Export Files

a. Model

b. 3D Design


DSD Planning Center

After the mockup – send the case to the DSD Planning Center – get the Ortho Planning, Smile Design done by . the best experts in the industry.

3D Printer

Print the mockup in your own office – and create for your patient a positive experience at the same appointment.

Lab Software

Send the project files to your Dental Lab – the files are calibrated – can be imported into the Lab Software and the case can be continued – Implant Planning, Occlusion, Crown Lengthening …