Simple Smile Simulation

Simple Smile Simulation using:

  • the full smile picture (in case your patient has a gummy smile),
  • the full smile picture & face retracted
  • video of your patient (not mandatory). You can play the video interview during the smile design, analyze your patient and based on the conclusions to adjust the smile design

Advanced Smile Simulation using:

  • Full Smile Picture + Retracted
  • Full Smile Picture + Intraoral
  • Full Smile Picture + STL

Attend to one our webinars to learn all about the DSDApp and Smile Simulation.

DSD Protocol

The DSD Protocol

was created by Dr Christian Coachman, and has as a goal to optimize the communication and assure the best quality & results, by capturing the technical details in a structured manner.

DSD Protocol requires:

  • Full Smile Picture
  • Facial Retracted
  • 12 o’clock Picture
  • Occlusal View  or  STL


The DSD Labs assure the best quality from the smile design project till the emotional mock-up or the final 3D project & natural restorations. 

Emotional Presentation

emotional presentation dsdapp

Emotional Presentation

Create a beautiful Emotional Presentation for your patient using the before and after picture, add filters, your signature, and frames. Easily promote your work by sharing the motivational picture with your patient or sharing on social media.

Clinic Logo

Promote yourself as a smile designer or promote your clinic by uploading your clinic logo to your account. This logo will then appear on your before and after photos.

Case Management

Keep an organized file for every case with DSDApp’s Case Management. Add new files at any time, sort files by name, date, or file format, re-organize case files, and store files on the secured cloud for easy access.

DSD Planning Center Integration

dsd planning center order

For guaranteed DSD quality, make direct orders from the DSDApp to the DSD Planning Center and Lab with the DSD Planning Center Connection. Receive status updates on your orders upon receipt, manufacturing, and completion.

#DSDApp Innovative Technology
that Leads you to Success:

  • The Smile Donator Replicate a beautiful smile from our models at you patient. With few clicks. Create natural, beautiful smiles easily. 
  • Automatic picture protocol The DSD Facial Analysis is scanning the facial characteristics. As soon as the patient has the best position for smile design, the app is taking the pictures automatically for you.  
  • Intelligent Frame Calculation The frame will resize and place your selected shape templates in the right position so that you have the best start for the smile customization 
  • Screen Recording Perform a screen recording of your smile design, share with colleagues or social media.
  • Automatic Calibration The app is scanning both pictures, full smile & retracted, and resize, rotate and superimpose the pictures best possible.
  • Finalize Design Use color correction, the gums layer or the stamp tool to finalize your smile design and to create a natural, beautiful simulation. 
  • Digital TryOn Exchange the shapes, mix different shapes from all templates, and find the best shapes combination, that matches patients temper and personality best. The Smile Frame will recalculate the shapes for you so that you can compare in real time different shapes and make the best decision for your smile design.