Successfully Increase Your Case Acceptance & Sell More Treatments

Motivate your patients with natural-looking Smile Simulations within minutes and hear more ‘yes’ from your patients on their first appointments.

Instantly increase your case acceptance:

Visualize the expected treatment results for your patients
Involve your patient in the smile design procedure
Enchant your patients with an emotional before/after presentation

How DSDApp will support you:

Save Time with Automatic Pictures

With DSDApp, you can take perfect pictures automatically. Just hold your iPad in front of the patient’s face and the DSDApp will snap a picture as soon as the face is perpendicular (optimal position) to the camera.

Create a Natural-looking Smile Simulation

Create a natural smile simulation for your patients, quickly and easily, on the first appointment. DSDApp provides you numerous shapes and options for individualization. With DSDApp, you can involve your patient in the Smile Design procedure and easily adjust to his/her wishes.

Enchant your Patient with an Emotional Presentation

With DSDApp, you can instantly show your patient an irresistible before/after presentation, add your clinic logo and promote your work. Share the presentation directly with your patient and your team.

Over 20,000 Smile Designs completed monthly with an average of 7 minutes per case.

Here’s what others are saying:

Dr. Kyle Stanley, USA

“This allows me to do a smile design in 5 minutes, show the patient, super easy!”

Dr. Georgina Carabarin, Mexico 

“I have sold a treatment for every case I have done with the DSDApp. My case acceptance is now 100%!”

Dr. Felipe Miguel, Brazil

“It is very easy to plan a case because the app is very intuitive.”