DSDApp Academy Memberships

All membership packages include the resources you need to incorporate DSD into your daily work.

Red Membership
Red Plan
3 Cases
$69 / On Demand$69 / One Time
  • Full Access to Smile Design Webinars & Tutorials
    Billed on Demand
  • 30-Day Implementation Course
    Smile Simulation
  • Weekly Focus Wednesday Trainings
  • Facebook Support Group Access
  • 3 Cases with DSDApp
  • Patient Documentation
  • Simple Smile Design
    Internal Chat Feature
  • Emotional Presentation
    Emotional Presentation
  • Case Management
    DSD Cloud Saving Options
  • 13 Language Options
    10 Language Options
  • Billed One Time
    Billed on Demand
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Smile DesignER Service

Send your case to our Smile Design Experts, right in the DSDApp, and they will Smile Design for you! Manage your files and communicate with your lab with the inclusive Patient Documentation and Case Management features.

$50 per case

$250 for 5 cases

$500 for 10 cases 

*Pricing may vary depending on the country.

University Partnerships

dsd app

DSDApp is used in the curriculum of Universidad Catolica De Murcia.