Dramatically Reduce Your Remake Rate

Dramatically reduce your remake rate
Increase output per technician
Increase customer satisfaction and save costs

How it works with the DSDApp:

dsdapp dental technician

How DSDApp supports you:

dsd protocol

Fully integrated DSD Protocol

The DSD Protocol has as a goal to optimize the communication and assure the best quality & results, by capturing the technical details in the structured manner. Complete a DSD Protocol easily using pictures or STL Import, guided by the DSDApp.

Precise planning with complete case documentation

By finishing the Smile Design and DSDProtocol in the DSDApp you get the complete Case documentation, incl. notes, videos, selected shapes and precise values to start your manufacturing planning.

Collaborate efficiently with DSDApp

With integrated “work together” function, you can instantly modify a smile design directly in the DSDApp and send back to the dentist. Work quickly and efficiently on each case.