This 3-part webinar series is designed to show you how to utilize DSDApp to its’ full potential. As you continue through the series, you will see that DSDApp is more than a Smile Simulator, but an essential tool to guide you through the full process:

  • from capturing perfect patient photos
  • to easy smile design
  • to sharing case files quickly
  • to effectively communicate with your team

Webinar 1

  • dsdapp webinar
    How to Create an Irresistible Smile Simulation in 5 Minutes.

    Enchant your patients with beautiful before/after Smile Simulation, take pictures directly with the DSDApp, create emotional presentations.

Webinar 2

  • dsdapp emotional presentation
    Advanced Smile Design and treatment planning with DSDApp

    Learn how to create the most beautiful, natural looking Smile Simulation and start treatment planning with DSDApp’s easy-to-use tools.

Webinar 3

  • dsdapp case management
    How to get predictable results from your dental lab on each case.

    Eliminate room for errors. Communicate with your team and lab quickly and effortlessly with the DSDprotocol and the integrated case documentation.

Webinar 4

  • How to get 100% predictable Final-Results

    Make sure you get 100% predictable Final-Results with our App, by following all the correct steps within the DSDApp process!